5 Creative ways to hide exposed plumbing pipes

5 Creative ways to hide exposed plumbing pipes

Plumbing pipes that we can see around in our neighborhood or residential areas make the overall look of that place a bit untidy. However, with good perception and creative ideas bad or uneven pipe fittings can be made to look aesthetic. vHelp provides these kinds of services. It is one of the best apps out there and has made the availability of these services much easier.

Here are some of the ways how one can hide the plumbing pipes:

Vintage is the way to go 

One of the solutions one can use to hide the pipes is to go with a vintage look. It is a bit twisted idea as in order to hide the hideous-looking pipes one needs to show it more. For example, say there is a white or gray wall that has a physical texture of rustic lines, then we can use metallic pipes to give it a rustic vintage look. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions as the metallic pipes do not even cost much. This style is in trend and will work for both commercial and residential use.

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Paint is a friend

Plumbing pipes are everywhere, be it the house or office area. However, there is one solution that can never go wrong and that is to color the pipes in vibrant colors. This gives an attractive and funky look. So, rather than trying to hide the pipes, we can simply use it to add more colors to the room and make it more pleasing to the eyes. This is also a cost-effective approach as we know that once painted it is going to last a long time.

The wall and its never-ending uses

There are multiple ways people try to hide their walls but the work becomes much simpler when they use their disadvantages to their advantage. For example, if a person has multiple pipes in their bathroom or living room they can just simply use it to make compartments in the wall, it makes the space more aesthetic looking. This can be done by building shelves using the pipes or using the pipes as frames for paintings (and coloring them). This not only provides extra space but also gives the walls a new and attractive look. Just book an appointment with vHelp today and try it out.

Sink goes Chic

The plumbing pipes pop out the most below the sink. The best way to hide them is to use a barrier like a sink skirt. These kinds of sink skirts are easily available in the market. They come with many designs and patterns. Just go to the market and find the best one for yourself. Many times people also like to customize these skirts so that they go with their interior décor. Although, while searching for a sink skirt it is important to keep in mind that it should not be see-through.

Wood is good

Hiding pipes can be tricky but not impossible. People are smart and they can find multiple ways to get rid of their troubles. One of the ways to get rid of the trouble of pipes in the wall is using wood. Fake ceilings are not a new concept to the people, however, one can also use fake wood designs to hide the pipes in the walls. The steps are simple to follow- one just needs to find a skilled professional worker and then provide that person with the design one wants to have and the work is done. This way people will not only be able to hide the pipes but also be able to have fashionable walls with wooden designs.

These were the five steps that can be used by a person to hide pipes in the wall. Hopefully, these steps will be helpful. Additionally one can use furniture or another room décor to distract the guests from the pipes. It is also advisable to use steel pipes for usage as they do not go out of fashion easily and also give an appealing look.

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