Sanitization Service in Dubai

How to Choose a Sanitization Service in Dubai

Considering the global COVID-19 pandemic that we faced, it’s now more crucial than ever to keep your home and workplace in Dubai as neat and hygienic as possible. Whether you’re worried about coronavirus or simply want to provide your family, consumers, or employees with a safe and sanitized place, home sanitization services in Dubai can help everyone lead a healthy life. However, not all sanitization services in Dubai provide top-notch service, wondering what to look for when you're in need of a sanitization service? Here are the five most important questions that you should inquire before booking a professional sanitization service in Dubai.


Do you use bleach solutions?


A diluted bleach solution or a suitable amount of disinfectant should be used if it’s suitable for the surface. Most surfaces won’t be damaged by bleach, however, a professional sanitization service should always have the knowledge about which surfaces need to be cleaned with a different product. A diluted bleach solution is incredibly useful in destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is why any home sanitization service you book should have the proper knowledge of using bleach solutions or other suitable disinfectants as required.


Are your cleaning equipment government-approved?


Never book any sanitization service that does not use government-approved disinfection equipment. Each cleaning product goes through a strict testing procedure to be validated by the government. As a result, these products are not harmful to humans after an initial period and can disinfect your house or office completely. Some government-approved home cleaning products that you can search for are- Suma Final Step 1024 Sanitizer, Suma Pine Disinfectant D47, TB Disinfectant Cleaner, and Taski Degragerm SD. Next time you're booking a service, ask them about these products. Legitimate home sanitization services if they use these products, will know what you’re talking about or tell you about another approved alternative that they use instead.


How do you ensure that areas remain disinfected while the cleaners work?


There’s no point in going through the cleaning process if the cleaners themselves contaminate an area they had just sanitized. Ask your service providers how they operate to make sure that things like this never happen. If they don’t have a concrete answer, move on and get in touch with a company that’s truly dedicated to offering you a healthy, safe space to reside in and work.


How do you disinfect carpets, upholstery, and mattress?


Every essential and repeatedly used surface, including carpets, curtains, mattresses, and furniture upholstery often needs to be sanitized properly. Any service provider you consult with should be able to tell you about how they use heavy steamers on such delicate fabrics and surfaces.


What makes your service different from what I can do on my own?


This is a reasonable question to ask, as it will let them talk about all the safety measures they take to assure what they do is better than what an untrained everyday person can do. Simply look for a detailed answer about their methods and procedures – you’ll be able to weed out the genuine home sanitization services in Dubai from those who cannot offer you the level of sanitization you’re searching for.

If you’re ready to leave the procedure to the experts, V Help Home Services provides an extensive and licensed cleaning and sanitization service in Dubai. We offer all of the advantages of professional sanitization that have been discussed earlier, comprising mopping floors with a disinfectant or bleach solution, scrubbing and sanitizing all solid surfaces (tables, chairs, desks, kitchen and washroom counters, windows, mirrors, and fixtures), steaming all your furniture and disinfecting all frequently-touched areas. The cleaning is done in such a professional manner that no disinfected area is re-entered by the cleaners so that your home or workspace stays clean, hygienic, and safe after our home and office sanitization service.


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