Important Parts of Your AC And Their Job

Important Parts of Your AC And their Job

Air conditioner repair services of superlative quality save your money. All parts of this important life luxury remain in the pink of their health and do their job to perfection.

A perfectly working AirCon can make your life a cakewalk in a country as hot as Dubai. It is important for every home and business owner to keep their AC fully fit. But most home and business owners struggle to maintain the health of their AirCorn. The credit goes to their lack of knowledge about the parts of their air conditioner.

They are left with no choice but to spend a bucket of money on the health of a unit installed in their office and dream home.

We suggest you learn about the parts of the unit installed inside your home and workspace. Hiring companies providing the best AC repair services in Dubai, UAE is also advised. The objective of this post is to help you learn about important components of an AirCon installed inside your living space and workspace.

Important Components Of Your AirCon:

Given below is the list of parts that keep your air conditioner working to perfection.

  • The Compressor
  • The Condenser
  • The Evaporator
  • The Expansion Valve
  • The Filter
  • The Thermostat
  • The Muffler
  • The Drain Pipes
  • Drain Pipes
  • An Outside Fan

It is important that you know about the function of these parts before hiring a company providing the best air conditioner repair services in Dubai, UAE.

The Compressor:

This part of your AC absorbs the great and blows it out to allow circulation of icy cool air inside your living space and office. It is the most complex component of your AC. Therefore, DIY repair is not advised.

The Condenser:

The job of this part is to extract heat from the interior of your air conditioner. It is the most sensitive part of your AC. Professional assistance is advised if you notice anything wrong with it.

The Evaporator:

This component takes care of the last process of the cooling system. The condenser processes the refrigerant in liquid form and enters the evaporator to be transformed into its gaseous state. This is the way the condenser restores the entire cooling cycle back to normal.

The Expansion Valve:

Its job is to take care of the quality of the liquid refrigerant that enters the evaporator.

The Filter:

This component determines the level of cooling ensured by your AC for you. You can use some DIY practices to maintain your health. But if something is serious, professional help is the best option.

The Thermostat:

This component of your AirCon is a sensor that allows you to determine the temperature of your room. The AC unit installed at your residence and office will continue the cooling by the time the desired temperature set by you is not met.

Even mufflers, drain pipes, drain pipes and an outside fan are also important components of your air conditioner. We will talk about these components in our next post.

Meanwhile, if something goes wrong with any of these components, let us know right away. We at vhelp lead the league of the companies providing the best AC repair services in Dubai, UAE.

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