Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist 2022

Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist 2022

If you are wishing to create a good and clean-smelling environment in your home then you should definitely consider deep cleaning services for safety and hygiene, or you can even clean the house yourself. Listed below are a few tips that can assist you in keeping your home clean and organized, with minimal stress to you.




For removing dust particles from the window blinds, you should twist the blinds in the other direction and then repeat the same. Clean and washed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets must be applied every week after removing the old sheets, covers, and blankets. Always remember to clean the old sheets right after removal. Lampshades in the bedroom must also be cleaned on a regular basis.




Remove all the unwanted utensils and boxes from the kitchen cabinets. Tables must be cleaned regularly. Also, don't forget to clean countertops and kitchen cabinets with a clean cloth, mild cleaner, and disinfectant. Moreover, the sink drain, oven, fridge, and other kitchen appliances must be occasionally cleaned after regular use.


Living Room


According to leading deep cleaning services in Dubai, the carpet, rugs, and sofas must be cleaned properly to get rid of fabric stains and dust. You can try organizing shelves, cupboards, and dining tables. It can change the whole look of your house. The area behind cabinets, cupboards and television stands should also be cleaned regularly to remove any dust accumulation in closed crevices.




Shower curtains, taps, toiletry cupboards, sinks, and tubs must be cleaned frequently with suitable cleaners and disinfectants to follow proper hygiene practices. If the laundry bag is set in the bathroom then the laundry must also be washed daily.




All the books must occasionally be replaced on the bookshelves. You can clean the desks, and tables with a mild cleaner or even a dry cloth. Electronic gadgets and computer systems should also be routinely cleaned to get rid of dust and other impurities on a regular basis.


Cleaning can be easier and simpler if the above tips are followed. However, we understand that cleaning your house on your own can sometimes get overwhelming. Don't worry. For those special times, you can easily avail of home deep cleaning services in Dubai via V Help Home Services. We can help you get in touch with the best home cleaning services in your area. Visit our website and choose the service you require.


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